By: Caitlin Hoffman
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

The distant call of a memory you thought was long gone. A cramped, dark room full of strangers dancing in the same directionless, wild rhythm. An instant loss of lucidity. Endless swirls of grey smoke. The undeniable presence of delicious toxicity. These are among the sensations that Die Mannequin can provoke within the mind.

It’s bands like this that give me a glimmer of hope that goth punk has not yet died, and lives within the throats and hearts of singers like Care Failure, who leads Die Mannequin with her throaty, gorgeous vocals. The rest of the band easily matches up to her rocking expertise, and they all work together to ensure that their music will crash right through you, and leave vast carnage behind them. Whether their lyrics are speaking the harsh truth of twisted love, murderous inclinations, teen angst or drug abuse, they’ll be sure to knock you off your feet.

If you think their songs just blasting from a stereo light up your pleasure centres, believe me, the intoxicating thrall of their energy is set to overload when you see them live. Their last show was in their hometown Toronto, Canada, just at the beginning of this month, where they played with the Trews and others to help raise funds for Haiti.

The rivetting effect that Die Mannequin has doesn’t just stop at their lyrics, songs, or stage presence. Even their music videos manage to attack you with that same startling takeover of your eyes, ears, and mind. The music video for their song Miss Americvnt is a gripping, edgy montage depicting all the corruption American society is saturated with, from preoccupation with money and celebrities to the exploitation of women in pop culture. Seeing it was like having my eyes splashed with the truth (fantastic editing). It’s so great to see that not only does Die Mannequin have a great amount of strength musically, but that they understand that women shouldn’t be pressured by the unrealistic measurements of society, and also understand what that pressure leads some women into doing.

Do check out their video below. And, as Care Failure would say, “Thank you from the bottom of my fever.”


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