By: Caitlin Hoffman
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I think every Tim Burton fan is looking forward to his version of Alice in Wonderland, due to be released in theatres this March. (I mean, let’s face it, Alice in Wonderland is an acid trip in itself, and to have it tweaked with the deliciously twisty brain cells of Tim Burton is going to be a delight for everyone.) Being a Tim Burton fan myself, I am quite excited, and was especially excited about the score being done by Danny Elfman, as is typical with Tim Burton films. The whimsical, quirky, and sometimes unsettling moods he often produces in his compositions suit my tastes well, and I was eager to discover what he’d come up with to pair with the odd pigment of Alice in Wonderland. I began looking up any leaked info on the soundtrack, only to find out that punk-pop princess Avril Lavigne has made a contribution of her own to the score with a single written especially for the movie.

The song, aptly titled ‘Alice (Underground)’, is to be played as the first song on the end credits of the film. The lyrics evoke the mysterious disconnect of reality that the character Alice no doubt experienced while stumbling about through Wonderland. It seems that Avril has been expanding with her vocals, shown clearly through the breaking chorus line of the song. Her tone expresses the disillusionment of the lyrics perfectly, with a little droplet of pain staining the edges. Although it doesn’t have the uppity edge I was hoping for, it inspires the feeling of glumly overcast skies, and can still be accepted as ‘Tim Burton-esque’.

Avril mentions writing the song in one of her recent blog postings, expressing her excitement for being involved musically in the film as well as saying, “I wanted to come up with something a little on the moodier side to fit his film. I think the piano adds a cool dramatic element to the song.”

Is it moody? Definitely. Does it have that dramatic vibe? Sure. But does the single meet the standards of Danny Elfman’s heart-pumping, mind-bashing scores? Honestly, I don’t think it would be fair to match a skilled composer against a bubblegum punk singer, so I’m just going to bob my head and bite my nails while waiting for the release of the film and its promising soundtrack. Meanwhile, I have time to soak in the enjoyable intensity of Avril’s single. And so do you.

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