By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

Yo Kanye, it’s called karma.

The Kanye West / Lady GaGa FAME KILLS Tour is officially dead. <--Go ahead West, eat a piece of the humble pie. It won't hurt you, my friend.

When I first heard that it was official that West & GaGa were planning a tour together (of course with the word FAME in the title, since that’s all they both seem to be obsessed with), I immediately thought it was a bad idea. At the core, Kanye West & Lady GaGa have two very distinct fan bases. I respect and admire the idea of trying to do something different but in the world of mainstream music, the idea of different isn’t generally well received. These are commercial artists acting as if their contributions to music is on an artistic level with that of someone like Bjork. I have mad respect for artists who are passionate about what they do and this is one thing that I actually admire about West & GaGa, but at the end of the day, what is just as important is a personality behind the passion that isn’t warped, drenched in ego, or douchetastic. And as we all know, Kanye has had a hard time of proving to the world that he’s a “good guy” (as Lady GaGa referred to him recently, claiming he felt horrible about his rude plea for attention when he shit on Taylor Swift’s VMA moment).

According to Rolling Stone, speculation of poor sales may be the reason for the tour’s cancellation.

I think Kanye is an incredible lyricist (that is undeniable) but perhaps this will be a lesson to the rapper–don’t kill someone else’s ego just to blow up your own, because what goes around, comes back around. And in this case, FAME (when it goes to your head) DEFINITELY KILLS.

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