By: Rob Brayl
For BiggerThanBeyonce.Com

With influences including PJ Harvey, Patti Smith, The Distillers, & Nirvana, one may have a WTF moment upon hearing that Marina also quotes Madonna & Britney as being two of her biggest influences. When listening to I Am Not A Robot (see video below) I immediately thought Shakira should be included in this list as Marina’s voice definitely spews a tinge of chick fire. Ya know, heart & passion, sultry tales of lost love, an exotic appeal, etc.

What’s more important though is her risk of being unafraid of doing something a bit out of the box. With her black glittered face & red rhinestone lips, one might quickly place Marina in the obscure box by her image alone — one that would never be considered commercial enough to be marketed to the pop music masses. But with the right buzz and PR, Marina could be exposed to radio and hey, if not, she can always blow up your iPod. It’s clear, that Marina is more about the art of music, instead of the art of being a mainstream success, especially if she has to contrive an image sexualizing her body to sell records.

Have a visual feast for dinner.

Check out I Am Not A Robot below.

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